About Us

About the Firm

CSQLaw was established on 2.2.2015 by its founder Mr Shamsul Qamar and the other co-founders i.e. Mrs Wan Sarimah and Mr Redza Khazale. The firm was established on the principles of preserving a high level of integrity and quality of deliverables to our clients. We trust that apart from being an excellent worker, happiness should be the utmost reward your profession could ever offer to you.

Its uniqueness can be traced from the selection of working space which is cosy and feel-like-home ambiance. The firm operates from two law offices; one called as The Bungalow located in Selangor and another one is Northern Office in Kedah. We aspire to expand our network to other region in Malaysia in near future while continue to explore business opportunities beyond Malaysia.

As an emerging legal force, we call ourselves a boutique law firm. Our core of the business is Islamic financial services and corporate matters. To support the business implementation, we are of high credence on our partners who are well verse in their respective area of expertise and accumulated considerable practice experiences on the matters concerned.

With the young leadership in our firm, we provide you not only experiences from the more senior partners, but of high level of energy and fresh perspectives from the more juniors. This great blend of profiles and characters make CSQlaw your top option for your business journey.

“If you cannot do great things, do small thing a great way.”

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